BNP councillor quits and goes awol

Further evidence that the BNP are cracking up on the eve of their showdown on Question Time emerges with the news that one of their rising stars has resigned from Nuneaton and Bedworth Council and gone awol.

Darren Haywood walked out on his Camp Hill constituents this week citing ‘job commitments’ – though no one seems to know what those committments are. According to council sources, he left because he had taken on a new job whose hours are incompatible with council life.

A spokesman for the council told Left Foot Forward:

“He’s resigning to take up a new job, but we don’t know what that new job is. We’re struggling to get hold of him, we’ve been trying to get hold of him for a few days.

“He told us he was resigning on Tuesday, since when we’ve had no word.”

A commenter on the Lancaster Unity blog, which broke the story, added:

“How can a person who doesn’t do anything anyway resign due to work commitments? Not that I’m complaining of course.”

Mr Haywood was unavailable for comment.

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6 Responses to “BNP councillor quits and goes awol”

  1. Jack Storry

    BNP councillors in Nuneaton are notorious for doing absolutely nothing.


    […] to Left Foot Forward: Further evidence that the BNP are cracking up on the eve of their showdown on Question Time […]

  3. Duncan

    Further evidence that the BNP are cracking up

    Do you really think this is the case?

    I would suggest the exact opposite, most BNP members are probably ecstatic that Nick Griffin is appearing on Question Time knowing that the huge publicity they are receiving can only benefit the party.

    Also, this sort of event is, thankfully, not uncommon as the BNP still lacks a middle layer of talented individuals in the party who are prepared to be councillors and put the work in so. A substantial chunk of their councillors are elected then either do very little or quit shortly afterwards.

  4. Claire Spencer

    I think this: deserves more weight than this:, the cause would be better served were it the case.

  5. Shamik Das

    Well, so far this week we’ve had Griffin’s rants on climate change and the army. If they had a decent strategist, he’d have told him to button up on race etc. and talk about “regular” policies for a change. Thankfully, he’s not had that advice; fingers crossed he’ll carry on in the same vein tonight and dig himself a hole he’ll never get out of.

  6. Duncan

    I wouldn’t count on it.

    Anyway, the disappearance of this councillor and the failure of Griffin to take advantage of widespread press coverage are two unrelated events.

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