Welcome to Left Foot Forward!

Welcome to Left Foot Forward. We have put together this short video to mark our launch. You can sign up for our daily politics summary by clicking here.

Left Foot Forward is a new political blog for progressives. We provide evidence-based analysis on British politics, news and policy developments.

We are a non-partisan blog. Because we are progressive and because of the aims we’re committed to, we often find ourselves in agreement with left of centre policies and politicians. But we are focused purely on the quality of policies and furthering progressive goals, rather than on promoting individual politicians and parties.

We have been inspired by our U.S. sister site, Think Progress, and have therefore adopted their approach to blogging by setting out our beliefs and categorising our stories accordingly.

We are fighting for:

1.    A proactive and sustainable economic policy that creates jobs, pulls Britain out of recession and towards a low-carbon and more equitable future.

2.    Public services that work for, and are accountable to, local people and leave no one behind.

3.    Safe communities where poverty and inequality are tackled, and the victims of crime are put first.

4.    A multilateral foreign policy to tackle climate change, poverty, nuclear proliferation, genocide, terrorism, and disease.

We are fighting against:

1.    Public greed and attempts by politicians and public servants to line their own pockets.

2.    Administrative incompetence whether it takes place at the national, regional, or local level.

3.    Media manipulation and bias to support a hidden agenda.

4.    The threat of racism and extremism.

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18 Responses to “Welcome to Left Foot Forward!”

  1. tom_watson

    For Labour people really. Launch of @LeftFootForward edited by the impressive Will Straw: http://bit.ly/2ig93S

  2. Anthony Painter

    RT @tom_watson: For Labour people really. Launch of @LeftFootForward edited by the impressive @wjdstraw: http://bit.ly/2ig93S

  3. Shamik Das

    RT @leftfootfwd: Welcome to Left Foot Forward. We have put together this short video to mark our launch:- http://tinyurl.com/lff-intro

  4. tom_watson

    Ooops. Wrong link. For Labour people really. Launch of Left Foot Forward edited by the impressive @wjdstraw: http://bit.ly/2ig93S

  5. Ellie Gellard

    RT @tom_watson For Labour people really. Launch of Left Foot Forward edited by the impressive @wjdstraw: http://bit.ly/2ig93S

  6. Matthew Taylor

    I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, until they run their first attack piece. RT @torybear Two left feet more like: http://is.gd/3fFHc

  7. JackP

    Noble aims of course, and I think you’d probably find few people who would disagree with them, but I have a couple of questions. Firstly, for those of us who are not directly involved with politics, we might not understand all of your terminology: who exactly is a ‘progressive’, and what do you mean that the blog is for them? Do you mean in terms of contributors, or readership, or both?

    Secondly, given the fact that Will Straw is involved, it’s likely that people will assume that he automatically shares his father’s politics and will therefore seek to present him and/or his politics in a good light. I’m not saying this is the case – merely that some people will think so – what will/do you do to counter this assumption?

    It’s also interesting that you say you’re fighting to put ‘the victims of crime first’. I don’t believe anyone else is fighting to put criminals first – but equally does that mean you’re ignoring injustices meted out to prisoners – See Ben’s prison blog, for example?

    I’m looking forward to reading more … and of course disagreeing and arguing from time to time 🙂

  8. robvance

    RT @leftfootfwd launches today – short video to mark launch:- http://tinyurl.com/lff-intro – a promising vehicle for change…

  9. Luke

    I this is a very welcomed entry onto the blogosphere, even if I think being ‘evidence based’ is very hard to maintain without walking a few party lines. After all, we’re all human and we all believe passionately in some very noble causes.

    In answer to ‘JackP’, a progressive is not someone who necessarily pidgeon holes their ideology. By stating publicly your ideology you limit your own analysis to dogmatic principles, and this can become a very conservative way of thinking about issues and topics. I would certainly hope all progressives believe in the causes and aspirations that this blog has set out, and I would hope some progressives would be more left-leaning, or advanced, in their understanding of them.

  10. willstraw

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the comment. We look forward to the debate! In answer to your questions:

    Luke makes a good case here although about why progressives should not be too slavish about there ideology although to my mind a good definition is that we seek to shape the world as it evolves around us rather than seeking to conserve what has passed. We also cover quite a lot of ground with the items that we are fighting for and against as you acknowledge. Fair point on putting victims first – we have tried to make sure that all our statements are not “motherhood and apple pie.” The key distinction in that aim is about “tackling poverty and inequality” which I think is a genuine dividing line.

    It’s a reasonable question to ask whether I share my father’s political views. Naturally we share many of the same values but it would be a rare son who followed all their parent’s opinions. I opposed him publicly on tuition fees and have opposed him privately on many others (not least the need for PR). We have already published articles that oppose Labour government and will do so many more times.



  11. NickR

    Let me be honest with you Will. You should listen to you Father and the labour party and put an end to this useless website. Your dad has funded your upbringing so I don’t think the cabinet would be too happy if they found out Jack was directly funding an anti-labour website. Despite being a labour MP I rarely see eye to eye with the cabinet or your dad but websites like this are not helping anbody in the general election or in general so please; don’t quit your day job and put an end to this farce.

  12. Soho Politico

    Yeah @JamieSport, it’s Will Straw’s new site. Go and LOL at his deeply awkward welcome video http://bit.ly/SWrIm

  13. Caroline Sick Of The Lies

    NickR – Why so cynical? I’m sure Will can immediately confirm that his dad obviously sent him to a local comprehensive school…

    … and as a Labour MP yourself I’m sure your kids go to the local comp as well…

    … I remember Jack Straw claiming not to support the privatisation of the Post Office to his constituency and joining a ‘picket’ line outside the building then going in and voting for it’s privatisation in the commons.

    Luckily for the country we’ve got less than 9 months of this pain left before all you lot get whacked at the election.

    And I’m a lifelong Labour voter btw.

  14. willstraw

    I spoke to Nick Raynsford’s office this morning and they confirmed that the comment sent at 7.53pm from NickR was a hoax.

  15. Salman Shaheen

    Congratulations on your launch. Your blog looks very interesting, I’ve put up a link on The Third Estate.

  16. French Football

    Nice Article. Have bookmarked your site! Keep it up!

  17. Peter Orlov

    It’s always struck me that the co-option of “progressive” by the left was a masterstroke, not dissimilar to the anti-abortionists’ coming up with “pro-life”.
    I thought Marquand was rather good on the point last week at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/sep/08/progressive-constitutional-reform-cameron

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