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Don’t cheer too loudly if Clegg gets a hammering in the Euro Elections

Nick Clegg-1j

Labour should worry if Nick Clegg goes. The likelihood of a strong Lib Dem General Election performance would be greatly enhanced by a new – left-leaning – leader.

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And the next leader of the Liberal Democrats is…

A look at the contenders for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats after Nick Clegg steps down.

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Recycled Tory attacks show Clegg has gone native

Kevin Meagher on how Nick Clegg’s recycling of rhetoric from Cameron signals a new level of cooperation between the Lib Dems and Tories when Labour-bashing.

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Lib Dem Conference preview: Tame in the hall, feral on the fringe

The disability reform debate in the hall and the NHS debate outside are seemingly the only bright spots during the Liberal Democrat conference.

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