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How can women break the pay glass ceiling?

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What can be done to break the glass ceiling and get more women off the sticky floor?

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Education policy must acknowledge gender differences

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This year’s GCSE results show the biggest difference between boys’ and girls’ performance since 2003.

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Men are still ‘studs’ while women remain ‘sluts’

If as a society we wish to improve attitudes towards sexual consent – and more importantly reduce the number of women who are sexually assaulted by men – we need to end to the sexual double standard.

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Opinion: “Man-up” – The need for feminists to tackle the crisis in masculinity

The new wave of feminism in the UK needs to pay attention to the increasing crisis in masculinity, argues Siobhan Bligh.

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Increasingly gendered A Level choices are part of a wider problem and should concern us all

There is a widening gender gap in A Level students’ subject choices which is arguably a result of socially conditioned gender norms. Subjects like Physics, Maths, ICT and Economics are dominated by boys whilst girls are the majority in Drama, Law and languages.

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Chart: Census data highlights, once again, gender bias in jobs market

The latest Census 2011 data shows, once more, the very clear gender bias in employment – in the types of work men and women have and the number of hours worked.

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International Women’s Day: We can’t be complacent, there’s a lot still to do

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day recognises and applauds women’s achievements and highlights gender inequalities, writes Tasmia Akkas.

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New OECD data shows how far Britain lags behind in women’s boardroom representation

New data from the OECD reveals just how far the UK lags behind other leading nations when it comes to equal gender representation in the boardroom.

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Women, politics and the crisis: We cannot ignore gender in politics

Vera Baird QC presents the state of politics for women today.

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Women’s representation in movies: Not half good enough

Many have been outraged by BBC attitudes towards women from sports personality to nominating a panda as a female face of 2011 but Hollywood does little better.

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