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Young people locked out of property market

Young people are increasingly locked out of the property market due to rising prices.

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Con 2012: Boris exaggerates his record and ignores the facts. Again

Len Duvall AM, leader of the Labour group on the London Assembly, responds to Boris Johnson’s 2012 Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

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Does Boris have any idea what he’s going to do in his second term?

Len Duvall, leader of the Labour group on the London Assembly, looks at Boris Johnson’s first month of his second term as London Mayor.

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Throwing money at the strike problem: Can the Tube be automated?

Alex Hern looks at the question of Tube automation. It can be done – but it may not be worth it just for a PR coup for Boris.

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London mayoral race now too close to call (but Boris is leading on paper)

Alex Hern reports on the latest opinion poll to come out on the race to be the mayor of london.

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As Times launches Save our Cyclists campaign, perhaps now TfL will listen

George Readings reports on the launch of the Times’s campaign to make life easier for cyclists in London and all around the country.

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The environment trumps the debate between a tunnel or a bridge

Darren Johnson details the problems with Boris Johnson’s new plan to build a £700 million tunnel

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Cameron: I’m backing Boris (Island)

John Stewart of AirportWatch argues that the announcement of Cameron’s support for an island estuary airport owes nothing to its efficacy and everything to political gamesmanship

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Boris takes aim at Cameron with talk of “Kosovo-style social cleansing”

London’s Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson today criticised the coalition government’s plans for housing benefit, labelling it a “Kosovo-style social cleansing of London”. Johnson’s criticisms mark another dispute in the space of a week between the London Mayor and the prime minister – after David Cameron vowed to block any moves for London estuary airport.

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