Francois Hollande

Lessons for Labour from France: manage expectations

Francois Hollande’s popularity recently hit a record low for a French head of state, with a whopping 67 per cent of the French population disapproving of the President. The lesson from France should perhaps be that the most sensible thing to do in the current climate is to keep expectations low, or at any rate ensure they never approach anything like that generated in the run up to the election of Francois Hollande.

New Pope

Pope Francis: the man who catches the bus and cooks his own meals

The optimism invested in Pope Francis, the 266th holder of the office since St. Peter, was apparent on our television screens last night as pilgrims from all corners of the world – Black and White, rich and poor, European, African, Asian, North and South American – crammed into St. Peter’s Square to hear his first words.