World’s most famous climate sceptic: Global warming a ‘chief concern’

The Guardian today splashed with the news that the man the paper describes as “the world’s most high profile climate change sceptic,” Bjørn Lomborg, has u-turned and described global warming as “undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today” and called for tens of billions to be spent tackling the problem.

Where’s Osborne?

On holiday in Tuscany. His decision to fly by EasyJet last week, eschewing even priority boarding, strikes notable tones of austerity. This is in sharp contrast to his time spent on a Russian oligarch’s yacht in the summer of 2008…

Conspiracy theories are an issue progressives can no longer ignore

Conspiracy theories are often dismissed as the humorous, yet mainly harmless preserve of a lunatic ‘whacky’ fringe. Bizarre they can be, but they are no laughing matter. They are a serious, widespread and influential cultural habit, and in certain social contexts they can be harmful.

Surprise, elation and disappointment at Cruddas’s endorsement of DM

So, the Labour Party’s most popular politician, a man respected for his honesty and outspokenness, Jon Cruddas, is backing David Miliband for the leadership. Many are surprised; some are elated – citing it as proof of the that David represents a ‘board church’; some disappointed.

Encouraging consensus on development policy from leadership candidates

Though four weeks remain till the result of the leadership election is known, there are a few things of which the Labour Campaign for International Development (LCID) can be certain. No matter who wins on 25th September the party will continue to be a passionate supporter of development issues.

Cameron: More Heath than Thatcher?

Of course such a proposition is tantamount to someone questioning your parentage in modern Conservative circles. What is often overlooked, however, is that back in 1970 Heath campaigned on the proto-Thatcherite platform of spending cuts, smaller government, removing support for … Continued