Left Foot Forward is a collaborative political site for progressives. We welcome ideas, tip offs and pitches for articles.

There are three things that we are looking out for:

  1. A fresh insight or angle you can provide on politics or current affairs. Did a politician flip flop on a position, misuse data or lie? Does a new report or white paper misuse statistics? Did you hear about an administrative failure in a government department or council?
  2. Unbalanced or biased media coverage or misleading reports. Did you read a story that was badly reported? What about a leader or op ed that was badly researched? Was some data misconstrued? Did a broadcaster give a politician an easy ride?
  3. Interesting new data, analysis, or causes that are otherwise unreported. Has a think tank, trade union, NGO or campaigning group done some work that other outlets have missed? Is there an international or historical comparison that shines light on an issue of domestic importance? Have you done heard about some analysis or research that is genuinely new?

Please email [email protected] with your ideas.

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