Immigration cap turning into a major headache for the government

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has today published the findings of its report to the government on the recommended level for the proposed cap on skilled immigration from outside the European Union. The report demonstrates the scale of the task which the Government has set itself by committing to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands from the current level of almost 200,000.

Community action alone cannot meet elderly care challenge

A new report on social isolation in care homes has been launched by the Relatives and Residents Association (R&RA). The findings show that at least 40,000 elderly people in care homes in England are living in social isolation and that as many as 13,000 are completely ‘without kith or kin’ and receive no letters, calls or visits at all.

Grieve had “long been a supporter” of the Human Rights Act

A would-be Conservative government plans to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights which will “enable the UK to rebalance laws in favour of public protection.” But the Conservatives are confused. Dominic Grieve previously said, “As is probably well known to my colleagues and possibly to other hon. Members, I have long been a supporter of the incorporation of a human rights bill into our law.”