Tory vote collapses in two Council by-elections as Labour and Greens gain seats

The Tory vote fell by more than 30 points

Rishi Sunak

For months, the Tories have been languishing in the opinion polls. Voters turning their backs on the party is also manifesting at the ballot box, as the Tories lost two seats in Council by-elections on January 12.

Both Tory defeats took place in Plymouth and saw Labour gain one seat and the Green Party gain the other. In both by-elections the Tory vote share collapsed.

In Moor View ward, Labour gained the seat from the Tories with 53.2 per cent of the vote. The Tory vote share fell by 30.5 percentage points.

Meanwhile, in Plympton Chaddlewood ward, the Greens gained the seat with 44.9 per cent of the vote. The Tory vote share fell by 18.4 percentage points.

Council by-elections do not necessarily reflect national trends, with local factors often playing a significant role in their outcomes.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Rory Arnold / Number 10 – Creative Commons

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