Tories brutally mocked for collecting ‘dossier of evidence’ about anti-Tory bias at the BBC

“Couldn't make this self-parodying chaotic Tory idiocy up if you tried!"

Rishi Sunak

The Tory party is being brutally mocked online after reportedly compiling a ‘dossier of evidence’ about anti-Tory bias at the BBC.

The Daily Mail cites Tory sources who are especially not happy about the BBC News website, which they say is feeding licence fee payers a “diet of woke bias”. The Tories seem to have ignored of course that the endless list of scandals affecting the Tory party from corruption to sleaze means broadcasters have plenty to report on when it comes to the Tory Party’s woes.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a Tory source said: “The BBC aren’t even pretending to be impartial in their news coverage these days.

“Last week the Times had two prominent stories: One broke the news about Menzies, the other that Angela Rayner was facing multiple lines of investigation by the police over her council house sale. Guess which one they followed up?”

When it comes to the Menzies scandal, it was reported that Tory MP Mark Menzies, 52 , allegedly rang a 78-year-old aide in the middle of the night to tell her he had been locked up by “bad people” demanding money. The sum, which rose to £6,500, was eventually paid by his office manager from her personal bank account, for which she was reimbursed from funds raised by donors.

To make matters worse for Menzies, £14,000 given by donors for use on Tory campaign activities was transferred to Mr Menzies’ personal bank accounts and used for private medical expenses.

While Menzies has announced that he will stand down at the next election after the stories broke, Rayner has insisted that she has done nothing wrong and an investigation is yet to conclude.

Reacting to the story that the Tories are compiling a dossier on anti-Tory bias at the BBC, one social media user wrote: “Couldn’t make this self-parodying chaotic Tory idiocy up if you tried! Rank incompetence, litany of lies, conveyor belt of sleaze, catastrophic brexit, fiscal+economic mismanagement, corrupt cronyism & hate-fomenting ideology is plain for all to see- no imagined bias needed!”

Another added: “To me it looks as though there may be some anti Tory bias amongst reporters but that is a predictable result of studying the shambles that the party has become, as well as the results of their disastrous policies, up close.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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