Young climate activists protest outside Labour HQ to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

They say the 'fight for justice in Palestine' is inextricably linked to campaigns for climate justice

Protesters from GReen New Deal Rising campaigning for a ceasefire in Gaza outside Labour HQ

A group of young activists have protested outside the Labour Party’s headquarters this morning, calling for the party’s leadership to back a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The demonstration – coordinated by Green New Deal Rising – saw 20 activists stage a protest outside the Labour HQ.

Speaking to the crowd, a campaigner from Green New Deal Rising argued that the ‘fight for justice in Palestine’ is inextricably linked to campaigns for climate justice. The campaign group says young people are being ‘let down’ by Labour on Palestine.  

Sam Knights, a Green New Deal Rising member who took part in the demonstration, said: “As climate activists, we are fighting for a world where people and the planet can thriveWe all want to see a world where ordinary people have a say in how local resources are used, and live free from wars encouraged by dirty fuel companies and arms industries. 

“But our Government and the Labour Party are supporting Israel’s ongoing occupation in Palestine and collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza. We’re horrified by the Labour Party’s failure to do the bare minimum and call for a ceasefire. 

“We call on the Labour party to urgently end its complicity in Israel’s massacre of Palestinian people. As young people, we have been devastated by Labour’s betrayal on this issue, and we will not forget this moment when we cast our votes at the next election.” 

A four day pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas began today. The pause is to enable 50 Israeli hostages released to be released by Hamas and for 150 Palestinian prisoners to be freed from Israeli jails. The pause does not constitute a permanent ceasefire.

Green New Deal Rising describes itself as a ‘growing youth movement for a Green New Deal in the UK’. In the last year, they group has organised over a hundred protests outside MP offices to call for a Green New Deal. 

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

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