Outrage as Lee Anderson says PM should ‘ignore the law’ on Rwanda ruling

Anderson believes that the government should simply ignore the law.

Lee Anderson

Tory vice-chairman Lee Anderson has caused outrage after saying that the government should simply ignore the law and send asylum seekers to Rwanda anyway, after the Supreme Court found the government’s policy of sending migrants to the African country to be illegal.

Earlier today, the highest court in the country, ruled unanimously that that there had not been a proper assessment of whether Rwanda was safe.

Flights forcibly removing migrants to Kigali will continue to be grounded after the ruling on the flagship policy that has been stalled by more than a year of legal challenges.

“There are substantial grounds for believing that the removal of the claimants to Rwanda would expose them to a real risk of ill-treatment by reason of refoulement,” the Supreme Court said in its judgment.

However, Anderson believes that the government should simply ignore the law.

Speaking after an emergency meeting of the right-wing New Conservatives group of Tory MPs in parliament, Anderson said: “It’s a dark day for British people.

“We should just get the planes in the air right now and send them Rwanda.

“People are fed up in this country. They’re fed up of being taken for a ride and paying their taxes to people who have no right to be here and are criminals.

“The government need to show our leadership and send them back same day.”

Asked whether that would not amount to breaking the law, following the Supreme Court’s ruling, Anderson replied, “What law?

“These people are coming over here and breaking laws. These people have got no right to be here.

“I think we should ignore the law and send them back same day.

“There’s a reason everyone in this country locks their back door at night – because they don’t want intruders coming in. These people are intruders.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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