Penny Mordaunt brutally mocked for bizarre conference speech demanding people ‘stand up and fight’ 12 times

'One walk-on role as a sword-bearer and now she thinks she’s Henry V.'

Penny Mordaunt

Tory MP Penny Mordaunt has been brutally mocked for delivering a bizarre speech on the last day of Conservative Party conference, where she demanded people ‘stand up and fight’ on 12 different occasions, leaving delegates both roused and confused.

The leader of the Commons spoke before Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered his keynote address to the conference, where she tried to channel her inner Margaret Thatcher.

On one occasion, she told the conference: “Stand up and fight for the freedoms we have won against socialism, whether it is made of velvet or iron.”

Her speech left many confused and Mordaunt was mocked on social media. One user wrote on X: “The most pitiful things about #PennyMordaunt’s Spartacus audition tape are the gap she leaves for applause that doesn’t come, and the fact she claps herself at the end because she’s run out of breath and the will to live. Also, is she trying to start a war #standupandfight.”

Another posted: “One walk-on role as a sword-bearer and now she thinks she’s Henry V.”

John Nicolson MP posted: “This is knuckle bitingly cringeworthy. Utterly vacuous. I’ve heard a few empty heided performances from #PennyMordaunt in the Commons. But this is on a different level…”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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