GB News left humiliated after presenter spectacularly fluffs his lines on breaking news story

Daubney’s report was littered with inaccuracies, awkward pauses and he even swore on-air

GB News

GB News has been roasted online after one of its presenters made a total mess up of a breaking news story, fluffing his lines for almost an entire minute, leaving viewers stunned.

Journalist Martin Daubney who was presenting, was left with the task of updating viewers with the breaking news that escaped terror suspect Daniel Khalife had been arrested, yet he was caught completely unprepared to deliver the breaking story.

Daubney’s report was littered with inaccuracies, awkward pauses and he even swore on-air as he tried desperately to deliver the story. He even appeared to forget the name of the missing inmate, calling him “the terror man”.

“First, it’s the news headlines… no it’s not,” Daubney opened the live TV segment. “We’re going straight to me, this is breaking news, this is fast and happening…Because as we just said… erm… we…the terror man… f*** it’s all gone wrong.”

He then attempted to cover his tracks by going over to a guest booked to appear on the show, and said: “Chip Chapman, we have him coming up soon on the arrest of the terror suspect. He escaped from Wandsworth Prison and he’s been apprehended.”

He also attempted to read from the autocue, but the words did not seem to be in order.

However, Daubney continued to make a mess of the story and added: “We’ve got our first guest. Police have arrested prisoner Daniel Khalife, beg your pardon… This story is just happening.”

Daubney then went on to introduce the incorrect guest. “Joining me now for the latest is GB News Home Security Editor, Mark White, are you there, Mark?” he said, before correcting himself: “It’s Chip Chapman, we have Chip Chapman.”

The disastrous delivery was mocked online, with one social media user writing: “Daniel Khalife had been found in Chiswick and apprehended by police.  Martin Daubney here on GB News #GBNews making an absolute horlicks of this important breaking news. It’s like a parody of amateur it’s that bad!”

Sam Bright wrote on X: “Love to see GB News going back to its roots by giving us a production disasterclass”.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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