Tory MP roasted by Nick Robinson for trying to claim UK economy is in great shape

'If you're flat on your back it's quite easy to grow faster.'

Nick robinson

Tory MP John Glen endured a humiliating appearance on the Today Programme this morning, after trying to claim the UK economy was doing great, despite high levels of inflation, poor productivity and sluggish growth.

The latest inflation figures released today showed inflation fell sharply to 6.8% in July, down from 7.9% in June, with the drop in energy prices being behind the fall.

However, trade unions such as Unite have warned that workers still face difficult days ahead and that the cost of living crisis is far from over, with the Bank of England likely to raise interest rates further meaning higher rent and mortgage costs.

Appearing on the Today Programme, Robinson told Glen, who is Chief Secretary to the Treasury, that prices were still rising for millions at an unaffordable rate.

He went on to take apart Tory claims that it was their policies which have led to a fall in inflation, which has come down due to a fall in world oil prices.

Robinson then said: “The British economy is still smaller than it was before the pandemic, 0.5% smaller, whereas the EU is 2.4% bigger than before the pandemic and the U.S. is 5.6% bigger.”

Glen tried to justify the government’s poor record on the economy by claiming: “The UK economy has grown faster than Italy, Japan and Germany since 2016” to which Robinson replied: “But if you’re flat on your back it’s quite easy to grow faster.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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