Sadiq Khan takes apart Rishi Sunak in a single tweet over Tory record on housing

'Are you the same guy who dropped his house building targets?'

Sadiq Khan

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s attack on Sadiq Khan over housebuilding has spectacularly backfired, with the Mayor of London slamming the Tory leader for his ‘desperate nonsense’.

Earlier today, Sunak criticised Khan for failing to deliver the homes London needs. The Prime Minister wrote on Twitter: “Labour’s Sadiq Khan has failed to deliver the homes London needs, driving up prices and making it harder for families to get on the housing ladder.

“So I’m stepping in to boost house building and make home ownership a reality again for Londoners.”

Sunak should’ve checked his own party’s record on housing before he took to Twitter, which Khan was more than happy to share, as he dismantled the Tories’ record on housing.

The Mayor of London wrote: “Are you the same guy who dropped his house building targets? Because I’m the guy who started building more council homes than the rest of England combined, exceeded your affordable homes targets & built more homes of any kind than since the 1930s. This is desperate nonsense.”

Reacting to Khan’s response, Labour MP Dawn Butler wrote: “Anyone else thinking that Rishi has a school kid doing his twitter for the summer holidays?

“He’s been tweeting some strange stuff.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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