Liz Truss mocked over her latest attempt to ‘rescue the economy’

“Relax everyone. Liz Truss is here to fix the economy”

Liz Truss

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss has been brutally mocked online over her latest attempt to ‘rescue the economy’.

Truss, who became the shortest-serving Prime Minister in UK history after her disastrous economic policies caused turmoil on the markets and sent the pound spiralling to reach its lowest value against the US dollar, has shown little humility after being booted from office.

Today Truss announced that she had convened the Growth Commission to look at what’s required to deliver economic growth. The Growth Commission has been set up by the former Prime Minister and brings together economists to look at the issue of low growth.

Truss tweeted earlier today: “How to increase GDP per capita is a core challenge for the UK and others.

“Advanced economies have seen declining growth over decades.

“I’ve convened @TheGrowthComm to analyse policy proposals and indicate what’s required to deliver growth.”

Her latest intervention led to much ridicule, with one social media user writing: “If you have ever felt impostor syndrome, just think even after crashing the economy and being the worst PM ever Liz Truss thinks she should be listened to on the economy.”

Adam Bienkov political editor of Byline Times tweeted: “Relax everyone. Liz Truss is here to fix the economy”, while another added: “No, please, the economy can’t take any more of your ‘help”.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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