The Sun is least-trusted newsbrand in latest rankings

A bad day for the tabloids

The Sun

The Sun is the least-trusted newsbrand in the UK while the BBC is the most trusted, according to new research carried out by YouGov.

The survey, based on 2000 adults in the UK, found that over half (59%) of respondents said that the Sun was untrustworthy with 36% saying that it was “very untrustworthy” in their view. Some 6% of people considered the brand trustworthy, giving it a net trust score of -53.

When it comes to net trust, the FT performed the best among respondents, with a trust score of +30 among the 32 outlets included in the research.

According to the survey, the top 5 most trusted news outlets among Britons are:

BBC: 44% say is trustworthy

FT: 40%

ITV: 39%

Channel 4: 38%

The Guardian: 33%

Top 5 most distrusted news outlets accoriding to the YouGov survey

The Sun: 59% say is untrustworthy

The Star: 53%

Daily Mail: 47%

Mirror: 45%

Express: 39%

Commenting on the survey findings, a spokesperson for the Sun told Press Gazette: “The Sun is the best read newsbrand in the UK and we are proud of our record of standing up for our readers, and campaigning on their behalf.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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