Petition urging government to impose stronger windfall tax on oil and gas companies attracts thousands of signatures

The campaign text describes BP’s profits as ‘heinous’ as the ‘majority of Britons struggle to pay exorbitant energy bills.’

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A petition calling on the government to implement a stronger windfall tax on oil and gas companies in the UK to ensure they contribute their fair share to addressing the energy crisis, is gaining momentum, having attracted almost 10,000 signatures.

The member who organised the campaign, which was launched on Organise, says they have been personally affected by high energy costs, stating:

“My family and I live in a modest home, but despite our efforts to be energy-efficient, we find ourselves struggling to afford the skyrocketing energy bills. The financial strain has forced us to make difficult choices, cutting back on essential items just to keep our home warm during the cold months.”

The petition comes after oil giant BP reported it made £4bn in profit in the first quarter of 2023. The news sparked widespread outrage amongst opposition politicians and climate change campaigners.

The petition’s organiser says they are ‘deeply concerned’ about BP’s ‘heinous’ profits, while the ‘majority of Britons struggle to pay exorbitant energy bills.’

“The current windfall tax on UK oil and gas companies is insufficient to address the economic disparities resulting from the ongoing energy crisis. While these companies continue to make massive profits, millions of people across the country are unable to afford basic necessities such as heating their homes.”

As well as urging the government to introduce a stronger windfall tax on energy companies, the petition is calling for the extra revenue generated to fund a freeze on council tax for cash-strapped households. They are also driving for the expansion of the windfall tax to capture profits made from refining oil and selling fuel, and to scrap tax breaks on fossil fuel extraction.

Additionally, they are pushing for investment in renewable energy generation and to insulate homes to create a more sustainable and equitable energy market, and for the government to explore the option of public ownership of new clean power to better serve the public and lower household bills.

“It is time for the UK government to take bold action by imposing a stronger windfall tax on oil and gas companies and using the revenue to support those who are struggling. We urge you to consider our demands and take immediate action to address the energy crisis and create a fairer and more sustainable energy market for all,” says the letter to Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt.

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead is a contributing editor to Left Foot Forward  

Image credit: Mike Mozart – Creative Commons

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