RMT members to vote on new Network Rail pay offer

RMT will not advise members on how to vote over 'new and improved offer' from Network Rail


Following the suspension of Network Rail strikes next week, RMT has revealed details of the new pay offer to be put to workers in a referendum.

The new offer from Network Rail reflects an improved pay offer, with an uplift on salaries of between 14.4% for the lowest paid grades to 9.2% for the highest paid.

Part of the new offer is that it’s not conditional on accepting Network Rail’s modernising maintenance agenda, which RMT has previously called ‘a catastrophe waiting to happen’.

The improved offer pulls forward the pay anniversary to October 2022, from January 2023, with the offer covering last year and this year’s pay.

A discount in leisure travel by 75% is also a benefit included in the offer, which RMT noted as a long held demand of Network Rail members.

Members will be balloted on the new offer from tomorrow, 9 March, ending on 20 March at midday.

The rail union has said they will not be making a recommendation on how members should vote in the referendum, having urged members to reject the previous offer.

Mick Lynch, RMT General Secretary, said it was now up to members to decide.

 Lynch said: “Network Rail have made a new and improved offer and now our members will decide whether to accept it. 

“We will continue our campaign for a negotiated settlement on all aspects of the railway dispute.” 

Strikes on 14 other train operators by RMT members are still set to go ahead next week, with strikes set for the 18, 30 March and April 1. 

Hannah Davenport is trade union reporter at Left Foot Forward

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