PMQs: Rishi Sunak ‘grateful’ for Liz Truss’ time in Number 10

He is also refused to apologise for her time in office

Rishi Sunak at the dispatch box at PMQs

In a lengthy article for the Telegraph this week, the shortest serving prime minister in history Liz Truss made her first significant comments since her departure from Downing Street. In that article, she blamed a ‘left-wing economic establishment’ for her disastrous time in office. Following the article, she gave an interview to The Spectator in which she said that she did not regret her time in office.

At this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn asked the prime minister Rishi Sunak whether he regretted Liz Truss’ brief period in Number 10.

Flynn asked Sunak, “In recent days, the former prime minister said that she did not regret her time in office. Does the prime minister regret her time in office?”

Sunak replied by saying, “I am grateful to all my predecessors for the contribution they made to public life.”

Flynn used his second question to ask Sunak whether he would apologise for the damage Truss did to the UK economy. He said, “Hold on a minute, let’s reflect upon the damage that was caused: £30bn wiped off the UK economy, pension funds brought to the brink of collapse, the pound reaching parity with the dollar, and interest rates for mortgage holders right across these isles soaring. Now the former prime minister won’t apologise for the damage that she has caused. So on behalf of the Tory party, will he apologise for her?”

Unsurprisingly, Sunak refused to do so. He said, “On the first day that I took office, I said that mistakes had been made. But what we have done is to ensure that right now – he mentioned the pound – the pound at a multi-month high, borrowing costs restored back to where they should be, an economy stabilised, and a clear plan to halve inflation and grow the economy.”

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

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