Nigel Farage is demolished by John Bercow over Brexit

“The economy has been hit to the tune of about £100billion a year.”

Farage and Bercow

Nigel Farage was schooled by the former Commons Speaker John Bercow on Brexit, as he took apart the former UKIP leader’s arguments in under a minute during a fiery TV clash.

Bercow, who defected to the Labour Party after stepping down as Speaker, slammed Farage for talking ‘nonsense on stilts’, after the Brexiteer tried to blame everyone else for how much of a disaster the decision to leave the EU has been.

The pair appeared on GB News to discuss ‘Brexit three years on’.

Farage said the government had “made an absolute pig’s ear of the whole thing” since the 2016 referendum.

He added: “It was a mistake to leave the European Union exit in the hands of something called the Conservative Party.

“They never believed in it from the start, they dragged their heels [and] we were put three years of total misery.”

Bercow however hit back, demolishing Farage’s argument.

He said: “With Nigel, instead of taking it on the chin and recognising that, in fact, to date, it has been a grotesque blunder and the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post war period.

“What Nigel wants to do, because he can’t abandon the religiosity of his lifelong support for Brexit, is to blame someone else.

“So it’s mysterious forces. It’s, if you like, a fifth or sixth estate, it’s those Machiavellian types working night and day to frustrate the will of the British people or the designs of Farage.

“I mean, really, it is nonsense on stilts, Nigel. And to be honest, I say to you in all politeness and candour, you can do a bit better than that. Why not start by admitting first that people are poorer, wages are down, foreign direct investment has slumped, sterling has taken a permanent 10 per cent hit.

“The economy has been hit to the tune of about £100billion a year.”

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