GB News to force presenters to take training workshops brushing up on ‘the law and Ofcom’ to avoid mistakes

The broadcasting regulator Ofcom, currently has two cases open on GB news’ presenter Mark Steyn

Nigel Farage on GB News

Right-wing channel GB News, which is no stranger to controversy, will make producers and presenters take ‘training workshops, brushing up on the law and Ofcom’.

The broadcasting regulator Ofcom, currently has two cases open on GB news’ presenter Mark Steyn, who during his shows has repeatedly raised doubts over Covid vaccine safety.

Earlier this month, it was also revealed that GB News was hit with over 50 complaints after Andrew Tate appeared on the channel, making false claims to Dan Wootton about the pandemic, telling the presenter “after the last three years of living through the imaginary pandemic and all the other garbage.”

The Guardian reports that Alan McCormick, the GB News chairman, is now aiming to make the operation at the channel more “disciplined” and none of the approximately 200 editorial staff will be exempt.

The paper reports: “In a new year missive to staff outlining the priorities for the business in 2023, seen by the Guardian, McCormick said the first step will be a training schedule designed to help GB News avoid repeatedly falling foul of the media regulator Ofcom’s broadcasting code.

“This will ensure every producer and presenter has the most sophisticated knowledge at their fingertips,” McCormick said. “Initial workshops, on the law and Ofcom, are vital for all with no exceptions. Education is always a great investment.”

It may take more than just a few training sessions on media law and Ofcom to turn GB News around, which has been hit by a series of blunders and setbacks. The broadcaster has been hit with an advertising boycott by brands that do not want to be associated with its sensationalist and right-wing output.

Founding investor Discovery sold its stake in GB news while it also lost big names such as  former lead presenter and chairman Andrew Neil and launch editorial director John McAndrew.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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