The Sun is brutally mocked for front page attacking the RMT and Mick Lynch

“And you lost £50m last year printing this rag”.


The Sun is being brutally mocked online for its front page which attacked the RMT and its general secretary Mick Lynch.

Today’s front page takes aim at the union for ‘piling on Christmas misery’, as it claims Lynch ‘pockets 84k a year plus perks’, and claimed that the RMT were losing public sympathy.

The union staged their first 48-hour walkout of the week yesterday, with RMT workers at Network Rail also set to strike from 6pm on Christmas Eve until 6am on December 27.

The Sun’s headline of ‘You’ve lost it Lynch’, was met with much ridicule, with one social media user writing: “And you lost £50m last year printing this rag”.

Another added: “Sales of The Sun are through the floor (official and so much so Murdoch refuses to publish the figures) meanwhile the striking workers continue to enjoy public support! Doubt this dismal attempt to demonise Mick Lynch will work!”

The rapper and author Darren McGarvey tweeted: “The Sun recorded a £51m loss this year and its value last year was written down to zero by its owner.

“This front page is a great clue as to why billionaires continue to run tabloids at a loss.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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