Liberal Democrats table motion to block Boris Johnson becoming PM again

"Boris Johnson is Britain's Berlusconi. Conservative MPs are flocking to support yet another disgraced prime minister."

Boris Johnson

The Liberal Democrats have tabled a motion in Parliament which seeks to block Boris Johnson from becoming Prime Minister again.

It comes after widespread reports that Johnson is considering running in the Tory leadership race, with a number of MPs including Jacob Rees-Mogg coming out in support of the former prime minister. Earlier today, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace ruled himself out of running but said that he too was leaning towards Johnson.

The motion reads: “That this House believes that the upholding of standards by its members is of vital importance to the functioning of UK democracy; believes that it is vital that the prime minister and ministers uphold these standards; and therefore resolves that any honourable or right honourable member that is found to have broken the law whilst in government should be barred from holding prime ministerial office.”

The Lib Dems’ deputy leader, Daisy Cooper, said: “Boris Johnson is Britain’s Berlusconi. Conservative MPs are flocking to support yet another disgraced prime minister.

“The British public will never forget the way Boris Johnson repeatedly lied to them over his COVID lawbreaking. Partygate and the subsequent cover-up proved he is unfit to govern this great country.

“From his illegal lockdown parties, to his government’s unlawful failure to protect care home residents during the pandemic, Boris Johnson’s tenure as prime minister demonstrated that he simply has no regard for rules, or for the general public.”

Reports that Johnson is entering the leadership race has been met with some Tory MPs vowing to resign and trigger by-elections. Veteran MPs Roger Gale and John Baron have said that they would resign the whip.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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