Tory press brutally mocked for meltdown after Boris Johnson’s resignation

“Paul Dacre justifying his knighthood I see”

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail and Daily Express are among those having a complete meltdown following Boris Johnson’s announcement that he would be resigning as prime minister, with the front pages of both newspapers brutally mocked.

The Mail ran with the headline: “WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY DONE?”, in disbelief that anyone could even contemplate booting out a prime minister known to be a habitual liar, bigot and law breaker.

One social media user wrote: “Paul Dacre justifying his knighthood I see”, while others were left in complete shock. One Twitter user wrote: “Find it astonishing how badly the Mail are misreading the public mood on this.”

The Daily Express meanwhile ran an equally deluded headline, with the words: “Thank You Boris.. You gave Britain Back It’s Freedom”.

Commenting on the headline online, one person wrote: “That front page is truly shocking even for the Daily Express. This is a lawless immoral corrupt lying charlatan PM forced out of office by his own party.”

Another wrote: “Freedom for: Petrol prices at an all time high, airports in chaos, nurses using food banks, nhs overwhelmed, Northern Ireland protocol in pieces etc etc. Yeah cheers mate.”

Meanwhile, the Sun printed the headline: “Kiss Goodbye…and thanks for Brexit Boris”. What benefits are we exactly celebrating?

It’s surprising that some still consider these arms of government propaganda as newspapers. The central purpose of a newspaper is to hold power to account, a role that some of our most influential newspapers had abandoned long ago.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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