Boris Johnson wants to stay on as caretaker PM so he can have ‘lavish wedding at chequers’

"On brand.”

Boris Johnson

Part of the reason Boris Johnson is so desperate to remain caretaker leader is because he wants to throw a lavish wedding party at Chequers, senior Tories claim.

The Mirror reported that the ‘Prime Minister and wife Carrie have planned a lavish bash at the grace-and-favour country home to mark their marriage’.

The wedding party is planned for July 30th with two separate sources telling the Mirror that Mr and Mrs Johnson were keen to go ahead with the party, to which they have invited many of their family and friends.

It comes after Johnson announced earlier today that he would be resigning as Tory leader in a statement to the nation outside Downing Street, where he could not bring himself once to apologise or admit any wrongdoing.

Former Tory leader John Major and a number of MPs have said it would be untenable for him to stay as caretaker prime minister and want him gone sooner.

Reacting to the latest news about him wanting to cling on so he could throw a wedding bash at Chequers, one social media user wrote: “So Boris Johnson wants to stay on so he can …. have a free party venue.

“On brand.”

Jon Sopel tweeted: “Unbelievable. Not unbelievable.

“But sources confirming it’s part of reason he wants to stay as caretaker?????

That is utterly absurd.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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