Daily Mail slammed for ‘grotesquely offensive and insulting’ front page

'No-one should have to work while they’re sick.'

Daily Mail

The ‘Daily Fail’ is trending today after the Daily Mail was roasted online for what was slammed as a grotesquely offensive and insulting headline.

The Mail’s front page today led with the headline ‘Queen’s Covid example to us all’, praising the monarch for continuing to work despite testing positive for Covid at the age of 95.

The paper drew an immediate backlash, with many pointing out how no one should have to work when they’re sick and also how not everyone is a ‘supremely wealthy multimillionaire with a cohort of staff to cook, clean & manage our households’.

One social media user wrote: “Gross from the Daily Mail. No-one should have to work while they’re sick. But thousands have to every year cos unlike the Queen they don’t keep getting paid when they’re ill. #SickPayForAll”, while another added: “Is the example that we should all be supremely wealthy multimillionaires with a cohort of staff to cook, clean & manage our households, have access the very best medical care and be able to easily work from home with light duties without risk to our income if we are sick?”

Dr Frances Ryan, columnist and journalist at the Guardian and visiting fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University tweeted: “Even by The Mail’s standards, this is grotesque propaganda. Coronavirus isn’t some moral challenge – if you try hard enough, you’ll get through it. Tens of thousands of people have died. Millions are shielding 24/7. This front page is a genuine insult to them all.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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