Johnson accused of neglecting troubled hospital in his own constituency

Johnson has shown "ambivalence" towards his constituency hospital, Labour said.

A Labour London Assembly member has criticised Boris Johnson for failing to help a hospital in Johnson’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency.

Hillingdon Hospital’s problems include outbreaks of legionella disease, inefficient and life-expired heating and ventilation and air conditioning systems and annex wards that are unsuitable for use.

Child patients were recently evacuated from the hospital’s wards after serious subsidence threatened their safety.

Two solutions have been proposed – rebuild the hospital on its current site or rebuild it in a different location.

Labour’s Dr Onkar Sahota said that Johnson has not backed either of the alternative proposals.

In a letter to Johnson, Sahota said: “The serious issues that have beset Hillingdon Hospital are widely known. It is very concerning that patients are being treated in such sub-standard, and in some cases, unsafe conditions.”

“It is crucial that we now get on with the job on settling on and implementing a robust solution to all these problems.

“As the local MP, Boris Johnson needs to step out of his ambivalence and provide political backing to one of the proposed options on the table. This will provide the impetus for getting the ball rolling on comprehensively redeveloping the hospital, so patients can finally begin to receive the level of care they deserve.

“As the local London Assembly Member, I am supporting the proposal to move the hospital to the nearby site owned by Brunel University.

“This will free any constraints on the hospital’s redevelopment posed by its current site and provide an opportunity for the university to establish a much-needed new medical school to train the next generation of doctors”.

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2 Responses to “Johnson accused of neglecting troubled hospital in his own constituency”

  1. Patrick Newman

    Come on Boris get Hillingdon done! ha, ha, ha. It might help his credibility if he confessed that it is ten years of neglect by Tory and Lib Dem supported Tory governments that have brought this hospital to its knees.

  2. Tom Sacold

    Tories are not interested in public provision of services. Only to be expected.

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