Here’s what the Lib Dems are standing for this election

Unsurprisingly, the party are going big on stopping Brexit - but also tackling climate change and funding the NHS.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has launched her party’s ‘Plan for a Brighter Future’ today.

Swinson is starting her nationwide tour, with details of the plan being delivered across the country. The Green Party have also launched their campaign today, with plans to spend £100bn a year to avert the climate crisis.

The Lib Dems’ plan outlines the party’s key priority – to Stop Brexit – while setting out priorities to ‘tackle inequalities, confront the climate emergency and give everyone the opportunities they need to succeed. ’

In a statement, the party said:

“The old politics has failed. For too many people, working hard and playing by the rules is not enough to guarantee a happy, fulfilling and secure life for them and their children.  

“A Liberal Democrat government will create a shared vision for the country we want to be, where every single person and community is valued, empowered and cared for, and where we protect our planet for future generations.   

“A Liberal Democrat government will revoke Article 50 on day one, work to keep our family of nations together and build a brighter future. ”

Here’s the Liberal Democrat Plan ‘for a Brighter Future‘:

1.    Stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion Remain Bonus in public services and tackling inequality.  

2.     Tackle the climate emergency by generating 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030 and insulating all low-income homes by 2025.  

3.     Give every child the best start in life by recruiting 20,000 more teachers as part of an extra £10 billion a year for schools.  

4.     Build a fairer economy by providing free childcare from 9 months and giving every adult £10,000 to spend on skills and training throughout their lives.  

5.     Transform our mental health services by treating mental health with the same urgency as physical health.  

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said:   

“I am proud to set out the Liberal Democrats’ bold and ambitious plan to build a brighter future.   

“Too many people – people who work hard and play by the rules – are struggling just to get by. Our country is crying out for a new kind of leadership and the Liberal Democrats are rising to this challenge.  

“Our plan to build a brighter future starts with stopping Brexit, generating a £50 billion Remain Bonus that will benefit every part of the United Kingdom, but it doesn’t stop there.  

“It is a plan to transform the mental health services that are so integral to our wellbeing. It is a plan to give every child the best start in life, providing the resources to recruit thousands more teachers and funding free childcare from nine months.

“It is a plan that will tackle the climate emergency, to make sure the planet we live on is protected for future generations.”

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7 Responses to “Here’s what the Lib Dems are standing for this election”

  1. Mike Stallard

    OK So I have not been on this website for ages! It used to be Labour through and through. Now it is Lib Dem! Whew!

  2. Tom Sacold

    Limp Dims – Tories in disguise !!!

  3. Gary

    They delivered precisely NONE of this during their time in coalition with the Tories. They managed to get their AV Referendum, and lost, and ignored all other pledges. But maybe David Cameron is just a great negotiator? Or maybe people should’ve paid attention to the fact that Nick Clegg used to work for Leon Brittan in Brussels during his time there. Clegg was a Tory in disguise.

    And that’s the problem, despite what Swinson says, she is more a Tory than many who are actually IN the party.

    The only one of their leaders I EVER had any respect for was Charles Kennedy, a man who used reasoned argument and fact to try and persuade others to his point of view. Something none of their other leaders thought to do.

    Kennedy aside, since they became the LibDems taking the far right of the Labour Party into the Liberal Party they have never been the same. They are NOT now a centrist party, they are right wing but in the clothing of a more moderate party.

    Whatever anyone thinks of the merits of Brexit it WAS democratically decided upon and three times backed in the House of Commons. To even THINK that the public voting in a FPTP system to give them a majority can overturn that is a step too far. whatever happens from here MUST respect the decision of the people. but she’s not interested in democracy. Likewise with Sturgeon’s continuing demand for a referendum on independence. She has a mandate in Holyrood, with the number of Westminster MPs and polls of over 50% of the Scottish people wishing independence to demand this. The Edinburgh Agreement allows for another referendum BEFORE a ‘generation’ “if there is a material change in Scotland’s position in the UK” The example given by SNP when signing was “Scotland being dragged out of the EU against her will” and this is the reason it is now sought. On this Swinson wishes to deny the Scots the ability to stay in the EU and have their country back. The Tories refused even to discuss it and now we see The Labour Party hastily backtracking on its earlier hints that it would grant the referendum. Either the earlier hint was a lie or they are lying now. Probably both!

    It looks like both the UK as a whole, and Scotland to an even greater extent, are running out of democratic routes to have their will implemented. What do you do when your government simply spits in your eye?

  4. Patrick Newman

    She will straight down to No. 10 if Johnson needs the numbers to govern just like 2010. She just loved being a minister with all the trimmings!

  5. Alison Bancroft

    I notice that the article fails to mention that she’s also happy to nuke the lot of us?

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