BREAKING: Hopes for a ‘progressive alliance’ just got quite the kicking

Labour rules out ANY electoral pacts during or after the General Election.


Labour have ruled out working with other left-wing parties before OR after the General Election.

Speaking to lobby journalists this afternoon, Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesperson told journalists that there would be ‘no deals or pacts’ under any circumstances in the run up to the election.

But the spokesperson also added that Labour would form ‘no pacts or coalitions’ after the election – a rejection of cross-party working.

When asked by Left Foot Forward to comment on whether this included in the event of a hung Parliament, a Labour source confirmed this was the case.

Labour will aim to stand in every single seat – ruling out the any idea of standing aside for MPs like Caroline Lucas or in areas where the Liberal Democrats are the main challengers to Tory MPs.

There have been growing calls among Greens for the party to stand aside in Tory marginals to avoid ‘splitting the vote’.

Josiah Mortimer is Editor of Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter.

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7 Responses to “BREAKING: Hopes for a ‘progressive alliance’ just got quite the kicking”

  1. Patrick Newman

    On the other hand, it could be the opening position for negotiations like saying something is a red line or non-negotiable!

  2. Edvardo

    doubt it. There’s not much subtlety going on in that team. Look forward to more 100 vote wins for the Tories in places like Richmond. Outstanding result for Bojo the Liar. Well done Jez! United we stand eh

  3. Lard Larsson

    Is there an emoji that expresses the utter utter futility of trying to unite the left in the UK to oppose Boris and his cronies? Maybe someone should invent one. Maybe Corbyn shooting himself in the foot in the hope that the bullet ricochets and hits Boris?

  4. Gareth Mostyn

    It avoids all the journalists spending their time in the election asking the Labour Party what their post election alliance would look like to avoid talking about Labour Policies. It is pointless talking about ideas that are only relevant in depending the outcome of the election. In the meantime lets keep the left foot forward and get Labour elected. Sometimes Jeremy does not get comms perfect but you have to say it is the sensible answer at present. It does not take much analysis to see that. Any other answer begs 100 awkward questions which will never go away all through the election

  5. Gary

    This is NOT NEWS. No major party has EVER entered an election period claiming that they will either stand aside in certain seats, for a pact to keep other parties out or to enter a coalition in the event of a hung parliament. Doing so would KILL their chances of being taken seriously. Matters could well change if a hung parliament came about BUT maybe not even then.

    Remember the election of 2015? Cameron had managed to govern in coalition with the LibDems (who sold out their own voters to prop up the Tories – look how well that worked out for them!) The polls were very much against Cameron UNTIL a brilliantly evil campaign strategy was implemented. The poster campaign showed Alex Salmond with Ed Milliband in his top pocket with the inference that Labour would have a coalition of their own, with SNP. This was followed up with various articles, one of which was the Daily Mail’s reprinting of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech but the words ‘black man’ replaced with ‘Scots man’ But were potential voters in England REALLY so prejudiced against the Scots? Cameron’s unexpected win against everything the polls said seems to say yes.

    So even for that ONE reason alone, they will NEVER enter any agreement, before, during or after a GE.

    But, on the subject of Scotland, Corbyn & McDonnell have been playing the long game. Highly aware of the popularity (polling at over 50%) of Scottish Independence (and therefore the SNP) but also the popularity of Corbyn in Scotland, they have been dropping hints that they would allow Scotland another referendum. Firstly at the Edinburgh Festival and most recently today. But they are ALWAYS hints and never direct (therefore easily reneged upon) I’m assuming the thinking is that a Labour Govt COULD stop Brexit and therefore the necessity felt by Scots for Independence would die with it.

    But being unable to say this outright due to Scottish Labour’s fierce opposition to any referendum will prevent Corbyn from using this strategy, and although he personally (Corbyn) is popular, the Scottish Labour Party is not. I predict the party will lose some of the seats they gained from SNP in 2017 as Labour continues to fail to learn the lessons from their previous losses and inability to connect with Scottish voters. Labour seem unlikely to ever be able to recover their previous status in Scotland, having stung their voters just once too often.

    Without this consistent bloc of Labour MPs since 2015 Labour have been unable to think of forming a majority and now with their support split on Brexit I don’t rate their chances of forming a government anytime soon. In fact it might suit Labour to be in opposition whilst Brexit is dealt with, none of the blame can be attached to the party and it can be used for years to come as an election tool.

    Overall, I think it will take decades for Labour to recover from the Brexit debate and I doubt it will recover in Scotland at all, unless of course they DO go independent. An independent Scotland may, in time, resume voting Labour…

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