How many Labour MPs will vote with the government tonight?

We asked 13 MPs how they're voting.

Tonight opposition MPs will be trying to take control of the order paper in order to delay Brexit and stop a no-deal.

Boris Johnson has indicated that, if they are succesful, he will propose a general election.

Voting on tonight’s motion will be mainly split on party lines – with the Tories and the DUP voting with the government, and everyone else against.

However, according to BuzzFeed, 15 Conservatives have said they will rebel – enough to overturn the government’s majority of one.

Balanced against that, some Labour and ex-Labour MPs may vote with the government – but how many and who will they be?

Left Foot Forward has contacted 13 MPs who either voted for May’s Brexit deal or have supported Brexit in the past.

From these responses, and from social media posts, it seems Kate Hoey and John Mann are likely to vote with the government. Roger Godsiff, Frank Field and Jim FitzPatrick are likely to oppose the government.

With the government

Kate Hoey

Kate Hoey is a strong Brexiteer and this seems like a firm indication that she will be voting with the government tonight.

John Mann

Mann voted for May’s Brexit deal. He has not replied to Left Foot Forward but this tweet seems to indicate he does not want Brexit to be delayed.

Against the government

Roger Godsiff

Although Godsiff personally supports leaving the EU, a statement on his website says he has consistently voted for a second referendum because that’s what his Birmingham constituents want.

He also says that proroguing parliament is an “is an outrage and that the Prime Minister is well on his way of creating a full-blown constitutional crisis”.

Given this, he seems likely to vote against the government tonight.

Jim Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick voted for May’s Brexit deal but told Left Foot Forward he will be voting for the motion – that parliament takes control of the order paper.

Frank Field

The former Labour MP voted for May’s Brexit deal but his office told Left Foot Forward that he would be opposing no-deal.


Ian Austin

The Corbynsceptic former Labour MP voted for May’s Brexit deal. He has not replied to Left Foot Forward.

Kevin Barron

Kevin Barron voted for May’s Brexit deal. He has not replied to a request for comment.

Caroline Flint

The MP for the Leave-voting South Yorkshire region of the Don Valley voted for May’s Brexit deal.

She supported Remain in 2016 but, after the vote, said she would prefer to see a no-deal Brexit than see Article 50 revoked.

A staff member in her office said she would be announcing how she is voting later in the day.

Graham Stringer

Stringer voted against May’s Brexit deal but this may have been because he believes it was not a hard enough Brexit.

He campaigned for Leave in the 2016 referendum and has not responded to Left Foot Forward today.

Ronnie Campbell

Like Stringer, Campbell has campaigned for the UK to leave the EU. He has not responded to Left Foot Forward.

Dennis Skinner

Skinner is a lifelong Eurosceptic who voted to leave the EU in 2016. Left Foot Forward spoke to him on the phone but he declined to comment.

Kelvin Hopkins

Hopkins was suspended from the Labour Party after claims of sexual harassment, which he denies.

He is a supporter of the pro-Brexit Leave means Leave group. He has not responded.

Rosie Cooper

The MP for Lancashire West supported May’s Brexit deal. However, she has also previously opposed a no-deal Brexit and supported delays to Brexit.

She has not replied to a request for comment.

5 Responses to “How many Labour MPs will vote with the government tonight?”

  1. Cole

    Let’s watch these people and see if any who back Boris can be booted out come the election.

  2. Mariajo1951

    I think Kate Hoey is despicable. Much as I disagree with her Brexiteer views and disliked her campaigning at the time of the referendum, I could grudgingly admit that she had the right to do so, but there were acceptable ways of doing so. The fact that she openly campaigned with Nigel Farage was beyond belief and unforgivable. If she had a single Labour bone left in her body or any decency at all, surely she wouldn’t have appeared alongside Donald Trump’s ally whose Brexit campaign was mendacious and thoroughly racist? At the time I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t expelled from the party, but was told by somebody who understands the intricacies of the Labour Constitution that there weren’t the grounds to do so. Thank goodness she’ll be out of parliament soon – I bet the good people of Vauxhall feel this even more so. I hope she retires to keep bees or grow gooseberries or anything where she won’t have any influence over people’s lives.

  3. Steven WHEATLEY

    Kate Hoey has not behaved like a Labour MP. She’s acted with honour, honesty and integrity, something that the bulk of the Labour party will never be found guilt of.

  4. Patrick Newman

    Steven, she has not behaved like an M.P. for Vauxhall – voted in defiance of her constituency party and in defiance of her electorate which voted to remain by 77% to 23%. Good riddance to this arrogant self-opinionated M.P.

  5. Bill

    Hoey’s connection with the KKK ( sorry i meant DUP) are all to indicative of her right/far right tendencies. She is an insult to the concept of socialism and a blot on the political landscape. Good riddance

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