Revealed: Thousands of people outside Britain signed pro-LEAVE petitions

Attempts to discredit the 'Revoke Article 50 petition' are pure hypocrisy.

Leavers thought they had ‘gottcha’ moment on Thursday.

Right-wing blog Guido Fawkes spotted that some of the signatures on the Revoke Article 50 petition – which has now had over 2.6 million signatures came from outside the UK:

The only problem is – all the pro-Brexit petitions have many signatories from outside the UK.

More than 23,000 signatures are from outside Great Britain or unaccounted for on the pro-Brexitpetition ‘Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019’, from dozens of countries. It secured a government response and a debate in Parliament.

The foreign signatures range from 7 from Russia, 8 from Saudi Arabia to figures like 592 signatures from Spain (I think they Spaniards probably do want us out after the hash we’ve made of Brexit…):

Over 2,000 signatures are from outside GB or unaccounted for a separate – again pro-Brexit – petition titled: ‘Leave the EU immediately’. That includes 345 in Spain, 299 in France, 124 in Thailand, and 101 each in Germany & Ireland…

Some right-wingers were even calling for bots to flood the e-petitions site with fake signatures on the Revoke Article 50 petition – in an attempt to then discredit it. As Guido Fawkes tried and failed to do:

It’s not clear that the far-right of 4Chan followed through with these calls. But the simple fact is, some Brits sign petitions from abroad. Some people use ‘Virtual Private Networks’ to protect their privacy online, skewing the country they appear to come from. And a few non-Brits probably do slip through – the government’s e-petition site is not perfect.

But attacks on the Revoke Article 50 petition are cheap – at least 1.3m people with IP addresses within Great Britain have signed it, as of early Friday. That’s a huge movement for reversing the disastrous direction the government are taking.

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17 Responses to “Revealed: Thousands of people outside Britain signed pro-LEAVE petitions”

  1. nhsgp

    It’s the commies. The Russians I tell you

    Interfering in our government website


    tick tock tick tock. …

    Very cheap to set up a bot net to do this. It’s kiddie scripting stuff.

  2. Boffy

    The fact that you have to confirm from an email message seems to make it far more difficult for signatures to be just from bots, unlike having trolling messages.

  3. Clockworkchimp

    Odd that Russian IP addresses are showing up, when you need a UK IP addresses to be counted.

  4. Michael Fitchett

    I signed a related petition this morning. 2.8 million signatures, and an e-mail I received to confirm my e-address.

  5. Anthony Baldwin

    How many of these are people within their 15 year Right to Vote in their last Constituency where they lived and voted before leaving for wherever they are now living and working?
    Obviously a lot of work required for those who would gainsay this Petition having been quite happy to accept all the chicanery associated with the actual Referendum.

    Am I the only person to notice that Aaron Banks Isle of Mann Office was actually in a building named after someone called Murdoch … surely that is worth finding out if there is a link there between the the two people who were extremely instrumental in bringing about the first vote result although having people taking the opportunity to ‘give him a kicking’ must bring Cameron firmly into that frame too.

  6. Frankie D.

    @nhsgp Except, as usual, you’re talking out of your arse.

  7. jackie smith

    Are you having a laugh. And thousands of people outside of the Uk have signed the Remain petition. On the remain petition there are votes from Lebanon, Latvia, Hong Kong, India and many more from outside of the UK. Do you really expect anyone to believe that the remain petition is safe from interference and the leave one is not. Such a biased and misleading remark, whoever you are take your biased opinion elsewhere . Any media site is open to abuse to the government should not be taking notice of any of these. The vote in 2016 where people got off their backsides and voted ligitimately is the one that counts, not some media/internet controlled rubbish

  8. Jayne

    Jackie you are absolutely right…..the 2016 referendum gave a clear majority for leave anyone who says not does not truly understand democracy. Do people really think Gina miller and her backers who delayed everything for 6 months did not have another agenda. In any event ..there is something far more serious here than brexit (I voted to leave) the future of democracy is being challenged by ordinary people who are being swept along by the establishment who have their own agenda and reasons for ignoring the democratic vote.

  9. Christine Bull

    There are some really silly people about believing this

  10. Marcin Piotrowski

    Forget the bots. Any foreigner can sign this without any check! I just did to see if it would work. email confirmation is required only. This petition is shared on migrant minorities fb groups as well for ‘information’ purposes as well.

  11. James

    My girlfriend and I signed the petition while we were on holiday in Malaysia. I’m sure plenty of people who are expats or vacationing did the same. If I had to guess a number it probably wouldn’t be far off 4%. I suppose this guy believes Donald Trump’s “millions of illegal voters” theory as well…

  12. Fakey McNameface

    If you need temporary email addresses for this, you can get as many as you like at

  13. Patrick Newman

    Leave trolls grasping at straws. The numbers of signers outside the UK is tiny in comparison to the 5.5M who have signed and many of those are bone fide citizens outside the UK. This is in sharp contrast to the conduct of the Leave campaign and the claim by May of Russian interference in UK elections (Lord Mayor’s Banquet, Nov. 2017). This has never been followed up as it would be very inconvenient for the PM’s Brexit means Brexit basis of her premiership.

  14. Patrick Newman

    I can’t wait for the Leave supporters (200 allegedly marching to London as I write) to amass in London on Saturday in their hundreds of thousands! Currently, “Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019.” petition has less than 550,000 signatures or about 10% of the Revoke Article 50 petition!

  15. Onthethrees

    All this talk of “the will of the people” etc etc.
    Never forget, 37% of the voting population of the UK voted Leave, 35% voted Remain and the other 28% didn’t vote. That is NOT a ringing endorsement for anything. No wonder the MPs struggle to come up with a solution. The Referendum gave them no clear decision on “Brexit” , not even an agreed definition of what Brexit would look like.

  16. Janet Marks

    “The future of democracy in this country” , and “the will of the people” – both phrases that are used to frighten people into letting things happen and not challenge them. MPs have pursued the Brexit chimera in deference to the “popular will,” as manifested in the 2016 referendum; and because the interests of the two major parties seemed to exclude an honest recognition of the internal contradictions of the whole Brexit project. I wish the Left wasn’t divided and was ready to speak openly about the idiocy of trying to negotiate a “new deal” with the EU when the ‘people’ have no idea of what that deal will mean for them.

  17. John Kline

    The EU is doomed to fail – a socialist vanity project , it is unfathomable that remainers deny what the country voted for – a bunch of self righteous uneducated scared and bottleless idiots with Stockholm syndrome – no doubt the vocal minority – brainwashed by left wing press – and scared of their own shadows – you are pitiful excuses for human beings

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