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This is huge news. We’ve just learnt that all new donations to our crowdfunding campaign will now be doubled, thanks to support from a generous reader.

But we have to reach our £10,000 target to unlock that matched funding. In fact, to get any funding at all, we need to reach our target. This is double or nothing.

We have just 11 days to keep LFF’s progressive journalism alive and thriving.

Can you double your impact today and help us build a better media?

On Friday we exclusively published Extinction Rebellion’s next steps in the fight against climate change, and showed that the Lib Dems’ climate change spokesperson is going beyond party policy on moving to a zero-carbon Britain. On Thursday we revealed that Liam Fox was sharing a panel with an oil exec on trial for corruption. On Wednesday, we were almost alone in covering the campaign against homeless prosecutions, and were first to look at a new campaign against the privatised probation system. And I spoke to young Remainers from Northern Ireland while MPs jeered at PMQs.

My tireless colleague Joe Lo has been covering UK arms sales to India and Pakistan while tensions rise, and we previewed the ground-breaking legal battles of the IWGB union. And when all eyes were on party factionalism, we reported on sexual harassment in Parliament. And much more besides – all on a shoe-string budget. We have just one person working at any one time, and there’s much more we’d like to do.

We can’t do any of this without your support. And now your support will go twice as far.

Please double your impact in backing a better media today.

With not long left until our time’s up, we need everyone to chip in to keep Left Foot Forward’s mission for radical, evidence-based journalism alive.

With your impact doubled, we will be able to step up and defend progressive journalism.

Thanks to all those who’ve donated already. If you have, please share this and the crowdfunder as widely as possible or double your donation if you can. Thanks so much for your support.

Josiah and the LFF team.

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