WATCH: We’ve got a fight on our hands to change the debate

It's time to turn the tide and build a better media.

10 years ago, a small team launched Left Foot Forward – a space for hard-hitting evidence-based analysis of British politics.

Since then, millions of people have read this site. Together, we’ve taken on unaccountable power, from austerity and attacks on our services to the Murdoch owned press, and from climate change deniers to Theresa May’s bonkers Brexit policies.

We report from the frontlines – as well as from Parliament. We’re one of the only outlets covering grassroots trade unionism. We’ve taken on the far right voices when they spread hate. We covered the left of the Labour party while it was still in the wilderness, and the Greens when others refused.

And while all eyes are on Brexit, LFF show what isn’t being reported. But now we need to become a people-powered publication.

Being an independent left-wing platform isn’t easy. Our media remains dominated by an elite few.

I have to be blunt. If we don’t raise £10,000, we won’t be able to keep going.

But if we all chip in today, we can safeguard and ramp up our hard-hitting, progressive journalism.

I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved together in this time – and I’m excited about what we can do.

Help build a better media. You can donate by visiting our crowdfunding page here.

Please spread the word. Let’s do this.

Josiah Mortimer is Editor of Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter.

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