Poll suggests Labour would lose lead over Tories if it called for second referendum

Labour's slight poll lead would be narrowly reversed

A poll by Survation of around 1,000 people has suggested that the Tories would overtake Labour in the polls if Labour supported a second referendum on EU membership.

The poll suggests that Labour’s support is currently at 41%, ahead of the Tories who are on 38%.

The pollsters said to people: “Imagine the Labour Party called for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. How would you vote?”

In this scenario, the Conservatives would increase their vote share from 38% to 40%. Labour’s share would decrease from 41% to 39%.

Perhaps counter-intuitively though, the poll suggests the Labour Party would lose far more votes if someone other than them called for a second referendum and the Labour Party did not support that call.

In this scenario, Labour’s support would drop to 33% while the Conservatives would rise to 42%.

Currently, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Green Parties of England and Wales and Scotland all support a second referendum.

The Labour Party’s position is that if Theresa May’s deal is voted down tommorow, she should call a general election.

If she doesn’t call a general election, they would consider calling for a second referendum – subject to an internal party discussion.

If a second referendum was to be held, the poll suggests that 51% would vote Remain whereas 49% would vote to Leave.

Joe Lo is a freelance journalist and a reporter for Left Foot Forward

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