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DUP dealings, Corbyn's fence-sitting and fact-checking fails: our top hits on LFF this week.

This week has felt like a painful warm-up for next week’s Brexit show-down over how to avert ‘no deal’.

But rumours are circulating that the Democratic Unionist Party could end up backing May’s Brexit deal – provided concessions are made on the Northern Ireland backstop.

Yet the hard-right DUP continue to try and call the shots, it’s easy to forget one thing: Northern Ireland did not back Brexit. Claire Mullaly asks: who do they speak for?

5. Northern Ireland voted remain: the DUP do not speak for us

As we veer closer to the no-deal cliff edge, Tories are looking desperate. One former minister has been shown up after claiming there could be an ‘implementation period’ for no deal. Here’s what the fact-checkers have to say…

4. Esther Mcvey shares fact-check thinking it supports her…it doesn’t

There’ll be no chance of getting any deal at all if Jacob Rees Mogg gets his way. The ‘sovereignty of Parliament’ enthusiast has apparently had a dramatic rethink.

3. Jacob Rees Mogg wants to shut down Parliament to force through Brexit

As part of his regular dispatch from the auditing world, accounting expert Prem Sikka investigates the crisis at Patisserie Valerie. What happened?

2. Patisserie Valerie is yet another victim of a broken auditing sector

Finally, at number one this week, former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett argues Labour’s Brexit woes are down to Britain’s decrepit electoral system. It’s caused quite a stir…

1. Our electoral system has turned Corbyn into a fence-sitter

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