Revealed: Vast majority think UK will come out of Brexit talks worse off than EU – poll

The poll shows voters have little faith in Theresa May and the government's ability to negotiate a Brexit deal advantageous to the UK.

Most voters believe the EU will come out better than the UK in the Brexit negotiations, if and when Theresa May secures a final Brexit deal, according to new BMG Research polling.

The poll conducted by BMG for Left Foot Forward found that:

  • 69% of those with a view believe the European Union will come out better than the UK when asked which side would come out on the better side of a deal
  • Only 31% believe the UK will fare better.

And even Leave backers are split on the issue – 37% of Leave voters believe the EU will fare better, with 36% saying the UK will come out on top, whilst 27% said they don’t know.

46% of Conservative voters with a view believe the EU will fare better – compared to 54% who believe Britain will come out on top.

Labour voters are pessimistic about the chances of a ‘successful’ deal – 81% of those with a view say the EU will come out on top, while 88% of Liberal Democrats say the same.

Quite extraordinarily, even 39% of UKIP supporters overall believe the European Union will do better out of the deal, to 47% who say the UK will.

Left Foot Forward Editor Josiah Mortimer said: “While the Prime Minister can for now count the backing of Conservative voters, these are extremely worrying figures for Theresa May,” continuing:

“When even Leave voters doubt you will secure a decent Brexit deal, trouble is brewing. Voters simply do not believe the UK will come out well from this.”

“These findings are an embarrassment for the PM as talk of a leadership challenge mounts.

“It shows just how little faith voters have in the government to negotiate a decent Brexit deal – no surprise given the shambles and infighting we have witnessed so far.”

Commenting on the poll, Chief executive officer of Best for Britain Eloise Todd said:

“Most people think the EU will come out of the deal better because they seeing the evidence every day of our government turning up to negotiations without any plan.

“Almost two years since the referendum, the government is still having very basic squabbles about what kind of Brexit to ask for, and routinely asks Brussels for help – they seem to have no plan and no clue and it is no wonder the public think that the EU is running rings round them.

“It’s time for people from business, civil society and politics to speak up and have the courage to say we should stay and lead in Europe”

And Francis Grove-White, Deputy Director of Open Britain, said

“It’s not much of a surprise that the vast majority of people think the UK will come out of these negotiations with a worse deal than the EU: whether you voted Remain or Leave, one thing we can all agree on is that the Government is making a total dog’s dinner of Brexit.

“The fact that even now, over 18 months after the referendum, the government still doesn’t know what it actually wants out of Brexit demonstrates just how complicated and difficult this whole process is becoming.

“With even Leave voters now agreeing that the UK will come out of this process worse than the EU, this just emphasises that everyone has the right to change their minds on Brexit if they want to.”

The polling was conducted between 6th and 9th February 2018 with 1,507 GB adults and asked the question: ‘If a final deal is reached between the EU and the UK, which side do you think would come out on the better side of the deal?’

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