EXCLUSIVE: Two thirds of young people want to stop Brexit

New BMG Research poll for Left Foot Forward shows young people don't just want to stay in the Single Market - they want to halt Brexit altogether.

Two thirds of 18-24 year olds believe Brexit should be halted, according to a new BMG Research poll for Left Foot Forward.

66% of 18-24s with a view believe ‘Brexit should be stopped’, according to the poll for Left Foot Forward, while the figure is even higher for those from a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) background – at 69%.

A statistically significant 8% of Leave voters – almost one in ten – also now believe we should no longer quit the EU.

And nearly one in five Conservatives (18%) with a view believe the process should be halted, compared to 65% of Labour supporters.

65% of Scots support ending the Brexit process, compared to just 36% of those in the East Midlands.

For voters overall, 38% believe Brexit should be halted, rising to 46% when ‘don’t knows’ are excluded.

Asked if Brexit could be stopped, 37% of voters overall believe it is possible, including 45% of 18-24 year olds (46% and 57% respectively when ‘don’t knows’ are excluded). The figure rises to 49% for those from BME backgrounds (63% excluding ‘don’t knows’).

Eloise Todd, CEO of Best for Britain said: 

“Young people voted to remain in the referendum by a considerable margin, but were out voted. They were voting for their future, yet, at the moment, it has been taken from them.

“This poll result is incredibly heartening to people like me. Young people are caring, passionate and know the world that does not end at the White Cliffs of Dover.

“The results of this poll needs to be a wake-up call to the government. Young people fear for their future and want the government to change direction. 

Josiah Mortimer, Editor of Left Foot Forward, said:

“This is an overwhelming show of feeling from young people. The call to stop and think again is very clear indeed. Theresa May is negotiating a Brexit dictated by the right-wing DUP, and Britain’s youth are having none of it.

“With more and more young people getting involved in politics, this is not a call that can be easily ignored.

“It is also a call for the Labour party – who 18-24s overwhelmingly support – to take a tougher line and call out Brexit for what it is: an enormously self-defeating and mistaken plan that will damage our economy and society more generally. The pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to oppose Brexit altogether just moved up a gear.

“That nearly one in ten Leave voters now back halting Brexit is also a reflection of the damage we’ve already seen – from stagnating growth and falling wages, to a weaker pound and a slump in investment.

“This is not comfortable reading for Theresa May – or indeed the Labour party. Parties which want to court an energised youth vote will now have to reflect very carefully.”

James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said:

“These figures lay bare just how concerned people – and in particular young people – are about Brexit.

“New facts are coming to light all the time that simply were not known at the time of the referendum about the damage Brexit has already done to our economy and our public services.

“As more new facts emerge and it becomes clearer still that the Brexit being delivered looks nothing like the one they were promised, voters have every right to keep an open mind about whether leaving the EU is the right thing for our country to do.”

BMG interviewed a representative sample of 1,509 adults living in Great Britain between 5th and 8th December. Data are weighted. BMG are members of the British polling council and abide by their rules. Full details at www.bmgresearch.co.uk/polling. Cross-tabs available on request.

The questions asked were: ‘Do you still think it is possible for Brexit to be stopped?’ And: ‘Do you think Brexit should be stopped?’

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4 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Two thirds of young people want to stop Brexit”

  1. greg

    Yes, the vote in 1975 to stay in – what was then – a common market met with my enthusiastic support: that was the first occasion on which I took part in the democratic process – and the greatest regret of my life.

    The same enthusiasm will be present amongst our young people now – because giving up democracy is a worthwhile price to pay for their own gratification.

    I have never understood how Labour-leaning voters, who lecture us all incessantly on corporate power and inequality, are quite willing to support the EU aristocracy and the obvious inequality that is so well exhibited in places like Greece.

    Age brings with it a healthy dose of cynicism – I have seen the decline and degradation of the people around me whilst the new Lords and Ladies of Brussels have built. their palaces: I wonder how many nurses could be employed for the price of a staff limousine and security chauffeur.

    When people, such as Josiah Mortimer above, trade democracy for wealth they present a Mafia-style state of mind – “Let us take care of your democracy, and let us decide what rights you may or may not have, and you’ll be OK”.

    Our young will become trapped birds in a gilded cage.

    “Self-serving cynicism” doesn’t quite do it.

  2. Boffy

    “I have never understood how Labour-leaning voters, who lecture us all incessantly on corporate power and inequality, are quite willing to support the EU aristocracy and the obvious inequality that is so well exhibited in places like Greece.”

    I certainly am not willing to support any EU “aristocracy” – actually across most of Europe they got rid of their aristocracies, and its in Britain where the aristocracy still has a massively entrenched power in the House of Lords, and the Monarchy – but as a socialist rather than a nationalist, I see no reason to put my faith in that British aristocracy, or British ruling class institutions, or British capital, as in any way representing a more progressive alternative!
    I want to destroy the EU “aristocracy” as much as the British aristocracy. And, I want to replace capitalism with socialism, but socialism has to be built on a higher level of development than capitalism, and capitalism is already an international system, so any progressive socialist replacement must also be built on a similar international basis, so that any retrenchment to the nation state represents reaction not progress.

    I want to stay in the EU, so as to fight alongside my fellow EU workers to replace capitalism across the piece, and to join with my fellow workers across Europe to build socialism on the only credible basis that it can be built, which is at least on the scale of the EU.

  3. patrick newman

    Instead of Juncker and Tusk would people prefer Rees – Mogg and IDS?

  4. Philmo

    Of course she could stop it, but on what pretext? One which would leave her without egg on face or appearing as a frightened mouse? Can’t see it, especially as she has stage 1 under her belt (at our expense, of course!) and is on her way to a grateful pat on the back! But the soft B now on the horizon appears little different from remain, so why not?

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