PETITION: Tell Parliament to recognise the union for MPs’ staff

Until the imbalance of power between MPs and staffers is challenged, abuse can continue to go unchallenged. The Parliamentary authorities should give workers a voice.

This past week has seen one revelation after another of MPs abusing their positions of authority – harassing staff and using the imbalance of power to their own disturbing ends. 

Yet for a long time, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has refused to recognise Unite, the trade union representing around 600 members of staff across all parties – at Westminster and in constituencies.

Imbalanced of power exist in every workplace setting – and MPs’ offices are no different. But one way of countering those imbalances of power is by giving enabling workers to have a collective voice.

If this week has shown anything it’s that MPs staff need protection, and secure channels to raise grievances and harassment from their bosses. Internal party procedures cannot be trusted – they cannot police themselves.

So it’s time IPSA recognised the largest union of MPs staff.

A spokesperson for Unite told Left Foot Forward that the MPs’ staffer branch met yesterday to discuss next steps.

Sign our petition to show your support to MPs’ staffers speaking out against abuse – and who are seeking the union recognition and protection they clearly need: 

Parliament: Recognise the union for MPs' staff

In a week that has seen staffers reveal the extent of MPs abusing their positions of power as employers, it's time the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) recognised the trade union which represents hundreds of Parliamentary and constituency staffers.

Those who work for MPs need to know that if they speak out they will be protected. Having a recognised union would go some way to preventing and challenge the disturbing abuse which seems prevalent in politics.

Sign and share our petition in support of MPs' staff and their right to organise to tackle abuses of power.

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