Banned far-right terror group National Action is still recruiting and training members

They have a new leader and are operating out of a warehouse in Warrington, Cheshire, says campaign group Hope Not Hate.

A far-right group proscribed by the UK government as a terrorist organisation is still operating in secret in a town in Cheshire, a new report by campaign group Hope Not Hate has revealed.

Hope Not Hate claim that the group has a new leader also, whose identity we could not verify.

The report claims that the terror group are: “actively recruiting, training and working out of a converted warehouse in Warrington”; the report goes on to detail the exact location of the building.

“Up to a dozen NA members from across the country regularly train inside the warehouse using knives and baseball bats”

Claims the report on the group who were banned in 2016 — the first such instance of a far-right group being proscribed under UK terror law.

“On at least one occasion, members have been ferried to a local hospital to deal with injuries sustained while [their new leader] puts them through their paces in preparation for the “race war” he and the other leaders of the group feel is imminent.”

The report reads.

In 2015, a member of National Action, Zack Davies, attempted to murder a Sikh man Sarandev Bhambra.

Before they were banned, the group regularly travelled around Britain hosting marches featuring Nazi chants and salutes and banners featuring swastikas and facist imagery.

In August 2015, the group sent a letter to Liverpool’s mayor Joe Anderson threatening “race riots” if he cancelled their event.

The group was banned in December 2016 under UK terror laws.

Hope Not Hates full report can be read here.

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