Theresa May has disappeared from the Conservatives’ website

May dodged PMQs, but it seems the Tory party themselves are dodging her too.

Theresa May dodged PMQs today – she was somewhere, with some foreign dignitaries. Probably.

But it appears she’s not only side-lining herself amid talk of a potential leadership coup – Conservative Party HQ appears to be doing the job for her.

Labour’s Toby Perkins MP raised the point that, since the election, Theresa May has mysteriously disappeared from the Tory website…

Here’s the Tory party website for the weeks before polling day:

Then the day after the vote…

She vanishes from the main focus. But there’s still a call to ‘Join Theresa May’s Team’.

Yet – and here’s something Perkins didn’t pick up – on 10th June, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill (May’s top advisers) were forced to resign over the handling of the election campaign.

In the days that followed, talk hotted up about a Tory leadership challenge:

And then, on the 13th June, Theresa May vanished almost entirely from the Conservative homepage. ‘Join Theresa May’s Team’ became ‘Join the Conservative Party’:

Yet she remained lingering around the bottom of the pile…

Until, on June 22nd, she’s gone. Not a single mention of Theresa May…

So there you have it – Theresa May’s grand disappearing act – not only from PMQs, but from Tory literature altogether.

Josiah Mortimer is Editor of Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter.

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