Second referendum, universal basic income and shorter working week included in Green manifesto

Leaders slam 'the little Britain envisioned by the Tories'


Green Party co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley unveiled their plans for a ‘confident and caring country’ at the party’s manifesto launch in central London this morning.

The ‘Green Guarantee’ lays out the key priorities for Green MPs elected on 8 June, including a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal.

The party is also pledging to protect free movement and Britain’s membership of the single market, to unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and to safeguard the individual and environmental rights enshrined in EU law.

The party is also promising an ‘NHS reinstatement bill’ to reverse the privatisation of the health service and to close the NHS funding gap by scrapping Trident. On work, the Greens will take steps towards the introduction of a universal basic income, including a government-sponsored pilot scheme, and will aim to shorten the working week.

On the environment, they are pledging an Environmental Protection Act, a public home insulation scheme, subsidies for renewable energy and a new Clean Air Act.

‘The Green Party has big, bold ideas to create a confident and caring country we can all be proud of,’ commented Lucas.

“That means protecting our environment for our children and grandchildren. Saving our NHS from crisis and ridding it of private sector profiteering. It means giving people a proper say on the Brexit deal, not shutting them out of the process. And it means exploring changes to our economy to make it fairer and fit for the future. Green MPs elected on June 8th can be trusted to protect our public services, fight for a close relationship with the EU and truly hold whoever is in Government to account. If we do end up with a Tory Government you can be sure that Green MPs will hold Theresa May’s feet to the fire.”

He co-leader said the party would ‘push for the major changes we need to make this country a world leader, rather than the little Britain envisioned by the Tories.’

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