More Americans now support impeaching Donald Trump than are opposed

Doubts about whether president can last four years after week of chaos


After a chaotic week in the West Wing, a new national poll shows that more Americans support impeaching Donald Trump than not.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of respondents said they would support impeachment, while 41 per cent were opposed. Additionally, 45 per cent believe that Trump will not serve a full term in the White House, compared to 43 per cent who think he will reach 2020.

Even by Trump’s own low standards, his presidency has gone haywire over the last week, with the firing of FBI director James Comey, the revelation that Trump asked the FBI to drop an investigation into one of his former advisers and the president’s own admission that he shared classified Israeli intelligence with Russian officials.

A clear majority (54 per cent) now disapprove of the job Trump is doing, while just 40 per cent approve. And 49 per cent say they wish Hillary Clinton were president today, compared to just 41 per cent who are still behind Trump’s presidency.

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One Response to “More Americans now support impeaching Donald Trump than are opposed”

  1. Sharon

    You are just ridiculous – no such poll exists and the link goes to a spurious site that my security prevented me from linking to. Make no mistake Donald Trump will be the US president for the next eight years and there’s nothing the dirty Democrats can do about it. They have no policies. They have geriatrics leading the party and they are so intent on impeaching Trump because they can’t get over their loss. Sad people. Keep it up. The MSM tried this before the election. They failed miserably but haven’t learned their lesson. This is going to elect Trump.

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