Labour manifesto leak: the highlights

Last night, Labour’s manifesto was leaked to the Daily Mirror and The Telegraph.

There are disputes about who was responsible for this, as the manifesto was not due to be released in full until next week. Former Corbyn press officer Matt Zarb-Cousin accused staff at Labour HQ, while others speculated that the leak might have been intentional to give the party more coverage.

The manifesto, however, is not yet complete nor have the contents made available to the public been signed off on yet by party officials. Labour’s executive will meet with the Shadow Cabinet, as well as representatives the National Policy Forum, today to discuss the contents of the manifesto. Policy areas will be debated and changed before they can be made official. This means there could be changes to what we’ve seen so far.

But here are the highlights:

  • Scrap tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants

  • Rule out making “false promises” on immigration

  • Build at least 100,000 council houses by 2022

  • Ensure that of new houses built under Labour, 4,000 go to homeless peopleM

  • Reverse the privatisation of Royal Mail

  • Repeal the Trade Union Act and bring in sectoral collective bargaining

  • Ensure all workers have the right to trade union representation

  • End benefit sanctions and scrap the Bedroom Tax

  • A promise that al the manifesto commitments are “fully costed”



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