Greens stand aside in Richmond Park and Twickenham

The Green Party has decided to stand aside their candidates in Richmond Park and North Kingston and Twickenham for the general election.
The members of the local party voted on this in a meeting last night. The Green Party are currently discussing a progressive alliance with other parties in both constituencies.
The Liberal Democrats currently hold Richmond Park after Sarah Olney won the seat in a by-election triggered by former Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith who stood as an independent. Goldsmith is standing again, this time as a Conservative candidate.
Twickenham is currently held by the Conservatives, who have a majority of around 2,000. The Liberal Democrats came in second in 2015 when former minister Vince Cable lost his seat. Cable is standing again in an attempt to win back Twickenham.
Richard Bennett, Richmond and Twickenham Green Party co-chair said:
We are proud to be at the vanguard of a growing movement to create a new kind of politics. Progressive parties must work together to put country before party.

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7 Responses to “Greens stand aside in Richmond Park and Twickenham”

  1. uglyfatbloke

    It’s all very well, but Scottish Labour will still be helping the tory candidates to beat nats so that pretty much cancels out any benefit.

  2. Will

    My feeling is that people must vote in which ever way they feel will be of benefit to GB as a whole. If that means voting out a party rather than voting possitively then so be it.
    While we have this very undemocratic “first past the post” system in place, then we have little chance to be represented properly.
    Also it would be good to find the occasional “honest” politician who told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  3. Tony

    The money they save can be spent elsewhere. And so this makes sense.
    Whether they should actually endorse the LD candidates is a separate matter though.

    I certainly hope this election ends Goldsmith’s career.

  4. John Green

    Jeremy Bernard Corbyn

    Dear Mr. Corbyn,

    I have been deeply interested in politics all my life and have voted in every election, general and local, since the 1950s, except for those periods of my life when I have lived abroad. I have to confess that I had never heard of you until two years ago when you were plucked from the dark recesses of the Labour backbenches and your name was added in the last few seconds to the list of candidates for the leadership of your party. It was widely recognised that you were to play the role of useful idiot in order to make the other four drab candidates look interesting. Against all predictions you won the contest and I congratulate you.

    At that time, your party was riding high in the opinion polls, having narrowly lost a general election in which Labour was the bookies favourite to win, up until an exit poll was announced as the polling booths closed. Since those heady times I have followed your career with interest. Under your stewardship, Labour has experienced the most dramatic decline in public support in several generations. Your party now faces the most humiliating defeat in the pending general election. Your personal rating is at record levels of negativity. You have been declared “useless” by 80% of Labour party MPs, the people you are supposed to be leading. The majority of Labour counsellors apparently have the same opinion of you and you have lost the support of half of traditional Labour voters.

    A recent survey could not find a single Labour candidate wishing to have you campaigning in their constituencies and none will feature your name or picture on their literature. As far as your own campaigning goes, you are only attending rallies organised by Momentum, your Praetorian guard, in secure locations where you can be surrounded by braying crowds of devoted cult members waving placards.

    My question is, what happens next? What is your plan, Mr Corbyn? You have already secured your place in British political history as the most spectacularly useless party leader. Your place in the Guinness Book of Records is secure for all time.

    Anyone with an iota of decency, honesty and self-respect would face this situation, accept responsibility and resign. You show no sign of doing so. How much worse do you want it to get? What is your plan, Mr Corbyn

  5. Alma

    This is good news! Great opportunity to show an opinion!

  6. Michael WALKER

    >John Green

    JC does not want to win elections.

    He wants to turn the Labour Party into a Left wing party with policies which fit his personal beliefs. If if so doing Labour becomes a rump of 50 MPs , that will suit him as an outlet for his views.

    That is my view but his actions fit such an aim: after all no-one in their right minds wishing to win an election would contemplate D Abbott as a Shadow Home Secretary before teh cmapiagn – and all she has done is prove her unsuitability go any role with any repsonsibility. But he keeps her .

    So gaining power is not an aim..

    If he wanted to gain power, he would be targetting sift Tory voters and UKIP leavers.. UKIP polled 4 million votes in 2015 – if they all went Labour, they would win by a mile.. But he is targetting neither so trying to hold what Labour have – at best..

    In reality, a holding operation means you will lose some seats and gain very few.

    It’s obvious. Labour are at risk of being turned into a narrow cult. UK voters do not like cults..(See the failures of Oswald Mosely in the 30s, the SDP in the 1980s and UKIP now).

    It is unlikely Corbyn will resign when – not if – Labour lose badly. He needs to secure a similar successor. As a result, the Party will lose what credibility it has with voters… .and risk a split internally..

    I may of course be totally wrong but I have been consistently negative on him as a Leader. His background makes him totally unfitted to be one.

  7. Boffy

    The reality is that the Greens, Liberals, and Plaid, if they want to prevent a hard Brexit Tory government, should all stand aside everywhere, and throw their weight behind Labour, which is the only party with a chance of forming a government.

    Tim Farron simply looks idiotic claiming that the Liberals are the real opposition with his 9 MP’s. And he looks even more idiotic making that claim, after the Liberals actually lost seats in the local elections! That should also be a warning to all those who think a shift to the right by Labour would be a good tactic. It didn’t work for Kinnock in the 1980’s and 90’s, as he destroyed the party, on the way to turning it into a pale imitation of the Tories, and in the process facilitating a decisive shift to the right of British politics, and ultimately it didn’t work for Blair/Brown/Miliband as Labour steadily lost its core support as a result of the effect of those Blair-right policies. The Liberals are the embodiment of the kind of centre-ground politics the Blair-rights, and soft left propose, and the Liberals have continued to get crushed, partly because people see that politics as simply conservatism by any other name.

    The same is true in France, where Hollande’s Blair-right programme has destroyed support for the Socialist Party, and led to the surge of the FN. Macron might win today, but millions of French voters will abstain saying a plague on both your houses, and as Macron’s celebrity proves to be all that he is offering, the failure and disappointment that causes will simply open the door for Le Pen or something much worse in five years time.
    In the West Midlands Mayoral competition, its obvious that Greens and Liberals gave each other their second preference votes, rather than Labour, so that where there was more than enough Green and Liberal votes to outweigh the Tory/UKIP vote, the Tories ended up winning the seat. That is the effect that all these tiny fringe parties like the Greens, Liberals and Plaid are having in splitting the vote, and letting in the Tories. The sooner they realise thy are a dead end the better.

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