Greens criticise others for ‘wilfully ignoring’ the environment as they launch environment manifesto

The Greens have criticised other parties for ‘wilfully ignoring’ the environment as they launched their environment manifesto today, which they say will put ” our natural world at the heart” of the 2017 general election.

They said their party is key to ensuring that the environment is on the agenda at this election.

The launch of the environment manifesto saw the Greens pledge to bring in an Environmental Protection Act that would “protect natural world in the wake of the EU referendum decision by creating a new environmental regulator and court”.

The Greens also pledged to end the “monopoly” of the UK’s Big Six energy companies “by building democratic, locally owned alternatives”.

Ms Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion and co-leader of the party,  told The Independent:

“Personally I want to see the environment front-and-centre of our campaign.

“I don’t think I’ve heard any of the other party leaders even talking about the environment.

“The need for the Green Party is greater than ever — unless we have got a vocal Green Party, then the environment is allowed to fall off the agenda.”

Germany has begun transitions to a low-carbon economy as part of their industrial strategy, Lucas said. In contrast she noted Britain is “tumbling down the list of places where green investors are choosing to come.  All of the economic advantages of investing in the green economy are now put at risk.”

The Greens tweeted


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One Response to “Greens criticise others for ‘wilfully ignoring’ the environment as they launch environment manifesto”

  1. Josie Fox

    This is because the Tories have pledged to fracking the whole country, whether local authorities and people have voted against it or not. They claim that fracking will enable GB to gain independence from Middle Eastern oil, which is ridiculous, because nobody knows whether these wells will produce at all nor for how long, and a fracking well only lasts a max 3 years anyway; secondly, they claim fracking will create jobs in the local community. Well, there may be the odd job cleaning up the mess Caudrilla has left, repairing roads and homes damaged by potential earthquakes, but the actual high tech fracking jobs will only be done by staff who travel from site to site – they probably won`t even be British.
    The Germans have the right idea and even the Chinese are now saying that they want to become the centre for manufacturing clean energy equipment, but we Brits just stumble on, doing what the Anglo American billionaire class tells us to do. Some hope that the media will speak truth to power when Boris Johnson and George Osborne are the media!!

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