The Sun unleashes new round of dreadful, sexist, Gibraltar-themed wordplay

GIBRALT-PHWOAR reads the Sun headline, as it realises that the new mayor of Gibraltar was also once a champion beauty queen.

Thus there is a beautiful coming together of some of their favourite things – jingoistic anti-foreigner sentiment and the objectification of women.

The tabloids have been dominated by pro-Gibraltar coverage, aiming to show support for The Rock. The Sun has even started a campaign to show soldiarity with the people there, and their right to remain British.

Now of course, no one can dispute their right to self-determination, but it is also true that they voted in quite considerably numbers on one constitutional question – 96 per cent of Gibraltarians supported remaining in the European Union. Which of course, was something the Sun did not, despite it being repeatedly highlighted by the Remain campaign how detrimental Brexit could be for the territory.

It’s funny how the needs of the Rock are suddenly on the priority list, as soon as it means there can be some jingoistic sabre-rattling.

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2 Responses to “The Sun unleashes new round of dreadful, sexist, Gibraltar-themed wordplay”

  1. Glesga

    It was the EU that brought up the Gibralter issue.

  2. ScottishCalvin

    I’m just surprised that with all the talk of Spain and the military (ludicrous as that notion is) Ken Livingstone has still not switched to talking about Franco – at least it would be topical now…

    My cartoon take on things:

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