HOPE not Hate calls for unity against all extremism following Westminster attack

Charity supported by Jo Cox Fund warns against the voices of hatred


HOPE not Hate is calling for the spirit of unity after last night’s attack in Westminster to be channelled into collective efforts to tackle all forms of terrorism and hatred.

The anti-fascist charity – which is supported by the Jo Cox Fund, set up in the name of the MP murdered in Britain’s last terrorist attack – warned against ‘calls for revenge’ from people who seek to exploit such tragedies.

In a statement last night, shared on Twitter today, HOPE not Hate said:

“Resolve can be shaken in the aftermath of such incidents. Calls for revenge can abound. But we mustn’t let the terrorists win. Nor those who welcome the hatred they bring.

In the coming hours and days, there will be some who call for more hatred. Who want nothing more than to meet violence with violence.

That is the path to ruin. 

Please don’t be intimidated. Don’t give in. And don’t listen to haters.

We’ll stand firm against all those who call for division; and with your help, we’ll expose those who call for terror too.”

In an apparent reference to people who might have double standards on political extremism, it adds:

“London won’t be cowed, and neither will we. Please help us stand firm. Help us expose those in ALL communities who want to sow division and terror. 

In the face of tragedy and violence, help us bring hope and unity.”

HOPE not Hate has for years campaigned against the neo-fascist British National Party and similar far-right groups.

In recent years the charity has taken on Islamist groups like Anjem Choudary’s Al-Muhajiroun, along with Europe’s anti-Muslim ‘counter jihad’ movement.

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3 Responses to “HOPE not Hate calls for unity against all extremism following Westminster attack”

  1. Brian

    “Hope not Hate.” What exactly does that mean?

    Blind hope that everything will be all right? Just sit back and hope that it won’t happen again, we shouldn’t do anything, we shouldn’t take any action, we shouldn’t confront the problems around us in case someone is offended? That we should sit around and make heart shapes and light candles?

    It’s like leaving your front door unlocked because you “hope” you won’t get burgled. And if you decide to lock the door, you’re accused of being “hateful” to burglars. And that’s wrong because burglars are people too.

    Let’s remind ourselves that Jeremy Corbyn has said he’s not in favour of armed police. John McDonnell has said he would abolish MI5. Is that the kind of ‘hope not hate’ you’re talking about?

  2. D.Jones

    Extremism requires an extreme response and the will to carray it out. Condemning attacks is not a viable option and if we keep ignoring this the issue is likely to erupt into widespread violence.

    How about deporting the entire family of anyone who carries out an act of terrorism with immediate effect?

    Don’t forget that we rounded up German and Italian nationals during WW2 putting them in internment camps and nobody whined about human rights.

  3. ScottishCalvin

    What a horrible week. Nonetheless, my attempt to lend some satire to the subject:

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